Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.20.32 AMJohn Duffield – Controller, JNK Concepts

John Duffield has been a part of the JNK Concepts team for the past five years. Prior to joining JNK Concepts in 2011, Duffield worked for EJ Financial, an investment company related to JNK Concepts, where he was able to work closely with the restaurant group. When an opportunity to join the team full-time presented itself, Duffield jumped at the chance. “I am honored to have been part of the opening team of Roka Akor in Chicago, San Francisco, and Old Orchard, as well as Enolo Wine Café in Chicago, and Marigold Maison in Phoenix and Bannockburn. Working with our amazingly talented chefs and managers to open these restaurants and then to see them grow over the last five years has been an absolute thrill,” says Duffield.

Duffield’s hospitality philosophy revolves around building and maintaining a strong team and culture. He believes that impeccable service comes from happy employees and that requires skilled leadership and a commitment to culture. “I believe first in hiring great people and giving them the training, tools, and information that they need to succeed. From there, provide them with support and honest feedback, hold them accountable for their results, and allow them to thrive,” says Duffield.

Duffield graduated from the University of Illinois and now lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. In his free time, Duffield loves to spend time with his wife Jaclyn, family and friends, and he is also an avid golfer.