Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.22.12 AMLeilani Jo Powers – Roka Akor San Francisco General Manager

With an extensive background in the hospitality industry and eight year tenure with Roka Akor, Leilani Jo Powers bring a wealth of restaurant experience in her current position as General Manager of Roka Akor San Francisco.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Leilani’s career with Roka Akor began in 2008 when she was hired as a food runner at the Scottsdale location. From there, Leilani spent five years becoming well-versed in many key positions at the upscale restaurant, including host, lounge server, restaurant manager, and assistant general manager, among others. Her innate ability to learn and master the integral positions within Roka Akor granted her the opportunity to relocate and assume a larger role on the executive team for the opening of Roka Akor San Francisco in 2013.

While she is inspired by the talented chefs, innovative cuisine, and access to the best wine, sake and spirits in the world, Leilani is also driven by the culture and the “passionate team that feels like family.” She’s not afraid to be in the trenches with her team and strongly believes in continued education, such as weekly wine and sake study group sessions to keep her team’s knowledge base progressing.

Prior to joining Roka Akor, Leilani honed her skills working in other industry positions as a server and bartender at hotels, sports bars, restaurants, and upscale casual venues.

In her free time, Leilani enjoys indulging in a Netflix marathon, drinking whiskey, or spending the day at one of San Francisco’s beautiful parks.