Ideal for an evening of elegant lounging, the stylish Roka Bar, the downstairs bar at Roka Akor, has a decidedly more sultry and moody atmosphere, with elements of dark Claro Walnut wood, varied textures and indirect lighting that accentuates
the sophisticated aura of the space.

In addition to offering an extensive and award winning wine and sake list, a wide variety of liquor, specialty cocktails and an exclusive Japanese beer list, Roka Bar also serves a comprehensive assortment of shochu- a distilled Japanese spirit
used as a medicinal tonic in ancient times. Adding its own twist on shochu, Roka Bar offers a variety of house made flavors including infusions with blood orange, raspberry, mango and chili, and honeycomb.

Ice is a signature detail at Roka Bar. The ice is made from purified water, which is frozen over many days without oxygen to form crystal clear blocks. These are then hand-carved into miniature icebergs for each glass, ensuring that every drink is chilled and served at its finest strength, quality and flavor.

801 Montgomery St, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 326-7570