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July 6, 2017

4 Reasons Why Roka Akor is the Perfect San Francisco Sushi Date

by Alison

You have a date night coming up. Might be with your spouse. Might be with your current paramour. Or it might be with somebody you matched up with from a dating site the day before. Whatever the reason, you know you need a great place to go.
At Roka Akor, we’d like to suggest something both familiar and a little different from your usual dinner plans. This time, why not make things a little more special by setting up a reservation for a sushi date night?
Here are four great reasons to do so.

Just the Two of You

Reserving a dining table, particularly if you’re with a longtime love, gives a clear indication that you want to enjoy something special with someone special – and that you want to keep the intrusions to a minimum.
This is something that’s supposed to be just for the two of you, and it’s hard to argue that no more intimate setting could be created than a restaurant.

Omakase for Two

No matter if it’s a first date or a 25th wedding anniversary, trust is an important element of any relationship. And what could be more trusting than omakase – putting your meal choices in the hands of a master sushi chef?
Even if you or your dining companion have never had sushi before, this is an excellent opportunity to show how open you are to trying new things and to display your ability to extend trust to others.

Room To Talk

Communication is key, from the first date to the present day. Reserving a table allows you to ensure that you and your guest will have each other’s undivided attention for the entire dinner. We work tirelessly to cultivate an atmosphere that encourages earnest and heartfelt communication between two people.
The nice thing about a date night at Roka Akor is that it allows two people to talk without worrying about being interrupted by others.

A Taste of the Good Life

Sometimes, going out for dinner feels exactly the same as staying in for dinner. It’s nice to be with your partner, but there’s something almost too ordinary about it. It doesn’t feel quite special.
This is never the case at Roka Akor.
With numerous awards to our name and a history of excellence in Japanese dining, you are ensured a first-class experience when you visit us. We are located in the heart of metropolitan San Francisco and our main dining room features a sleek, contemporary design. You can be forgiven for feeling a bit like a big shot in that sort of setting!

Roka Akor

Roka Akor’s San Francisco location is the perfect place to get some of the best sushi in town. If you’re looking to have a special dinner at the hand’s of our world renowned staff, check out our reservations page and set up your sushi date night today.