Roka Akor new location interior

June 24, 2017

Roka Akor opens at 2929 Weslayan St.

by Alison

6/24/17 | Discover Houston

Roka Akor is opening their doors this Monday, June 26th! For those who aren’t familiar, Roka Akor is an award-winning Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant that specializes in Steak, Seafood, and Sushi. The name of the restaurant is derived from the two words RO and KA. “The meaning of the first word is hearth, a gathering place where people socialize and take in the ambience; the latter stands for a burning fire and projecting energy.”
I don’t know whether intentional or not, but I LOVE that they flipped the name in reverse so its ROKA AKOR and as someone who likes to tie names to meanings and visualize, etc etc my little crazy though process. It comes out to be a burning fire surrounded by groups of people on both ends.
Starting off on the menu are the cold plates + hot plates (Popular dishes include: Escolar Tataki, Beef Tataki, and Robata Grilled Sea Scallops) . From there, it moves on to Sashimi + Nigiri to Maki Rolls ( Popular roll includes : Dynamite Scallop) and finally to Steak (Popular choices includes: Snake River Farm Wagyu Flat Iron with Maitake Mushroom and Sukiyaki Egg Yolk), Seafood (Popular choices includes: Madagascan Jumbo Tiger Prawn), and Sides ( including Sweet Corn and Japanese Mushroom Rice Hot Pot) . And the dining experience finishes off with dessert for those with a sweet tooth! (Popular desserts include: Japanese Style Cheesecake and the Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice) .
I usually try to stay relatively neutral about the places I post, but I can’t NOT rave about how much I love the environment and service here. The food, the presentation everything was wonderful ( of course!). But what really took it to the next level was the experience of feeling comfortable. Usually, at more upscale dining places, I feel either out of place or the restaurant comes off pretentious. However, this was the right amount of attentiveness without feeling like someone is looking over my shoulder throughout the entire dinner. It actually feels like you’re eating in the comforts of your own home.
A big Thank you to our waiter Daniel for an exceptional service and recommendations. And lastly, an even bigger Thank you to Amy Johnston, On the Mark Communications for extending the invite and allowing me to take part in such an enjoyable dining experience!