October 26, 2013

Roka Akor Refreshes its menu with fall-centric sushi

by Alison

Light and fresh, sushi is a classic summertime staple. But with a host of fall flavors showcased in creative sushi rolls and warming Japanese-inspired dishes from executive chef Brett Vibber, Roka Akor is still the place to eat this autumn.
Until the weather officially chills, hold out with takes on traditional sushi dishes like the new ora king salmon tartar roll. Snow crab is wrapped in a strip of fresh cucumber and topped with the salmon and ikura—all drizzled in a tasty citrus vinaigrette. When temperatures really do drop, warm up with the Wagyu flat iron dish, in which grilled steak is heaped with ponzu sous veggies and tentsuyu poached egg yolk. The roasted beet and tako salad is probably your ticket to tasting fall’s best, though, as it features seasonal items and speaks to autumn’s vibrant colors. Red, gold, and chioga beets are the salad’s main act, served alongside purple spinach and tamari-glazed hazelnut, and topped with jalapeno miso vinaigrette.
The perfect cocktail accompaniment at Roka Akor is the sake—especially for unpredictable temperatures as it can be served both warm and cold. Or, try the house-made shochu, a Japanese spirit made from starches like sweet potato and barley. 456 N. Clark St., 312-477-7652