An evening of elegant lounging.

Roka Bar is the ideal space for slowing down and enjoying the finer things. Sultry design and sophisticated flavors combine to create an atmosphere apart from the everyday.

We offer an extensive and award-winning wine and sake list, a great selection of Japanese craft and local beers, plus a wide variety of spirits. Roka Bar specializes in renowned, limited edition whisky from around the globe that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Specialty cocktails are developed by in-house talent for each Roka Bar location, with guest favorites anchoring the list. We continue to offer a variety of shochu, a special distilled spirit with a role as a medicinal tonic in Japanese culture. In fact, Roka Bar puts its own twist on shochu by serving up a variety of house-made flavors. Indulge your senses in blood orange, mango, and chili shochu served in the traditional Japanese style, or try the wildly popular “smash.”

No detail at Roka Bar is overlooked. Bend an elbow on our stunning Claro Walnut bar, and watch our bartenders hand-carve from crystal clear blocks of purified ice to craft a perfectly chilled drink, every time. Your evening of elegant lounging awaits.