Food Placement

July 23, 2013

Summertime, When the Menu’s Easy

by Alison

We know it’s occurred to you. On your way to the gym, the only thing you can think is: “I’m too tired to go the gym, this could be a big mistake.” But then leaving the gym, all you can think of is, “man I’m glad I went.” And maybe, “I need a beer.”
Roka Akor is similar. Every damn time we walk in, we think, “this’ll be expensive and we won’t walk away full.” And then every damn time we walk out, we think, “omigod, stuffed, and that actually wasn’t too pricey.”
This summer, Roka Akor’s taking it to the next level with their “Taste of Summer Menu” – it’s practically a deal ($98 per couple) for the amount of food that comes at ya. Honestly, we didn’t even finish. Check out this six-course menu:
1: A huge organic kale and tomato salad with katsuoboshi Caesar dressing and rice croutons.
2: Six generously sized pieces of wild Hawaiian walu crudo atop green papaya slaw and a spicy red curry sauce, each piece capped with a pickled jalapeño.
3: A traditionally portioned Wagyu duo Maki – basically a sushi roll filled with and topped with raw Wagyu. This roll makes ones with fish blush, and it marks the point in your meal when you think: “We’re only halfway there. Crap.”
4: About eight slices of avocado tempura with grapefruit ponzu for dipping. You might joke that the meal should begin with these because fried avocado is delicious and now you’re hitting a wall. You’ll likely set some of these aside to address later, although in a minute you’ll be close to full because…
…5: Ume-brined durham ranch muscovy duck quarter confit, with ohba jam and cucumber, comes to the table. Steamy, juicy, flavorful – this was our favorite part of the meal and will likely order this a la carte during our next visit. As you’re noshing away at this, course six comes as:
6: Chicken kama-meshi with jidori egg yolk and crispy skin. Basically, it’s a rice-filled iron hot pot that the server mixes up tableside and portions out into small bowls. It’s Japanese comfort food at its finest.
7. For this menu, dessert comes as Redwood Hill Farm goat’s milk yogurt, with assorted fruit, Booth Hollow honey and moscato D’Asti gelee. It’s a perfectly merciful way to end this big meal – cold, refreshing, and modestly portioned.
So with a couple glasses of wine or shochu, you’re getting out for about $150 and having eaten things you truly cannot get at any other restaurant in town. Plus, you’re stuffed.
When dining, you might also notice a new face running the show there. German Sega now serves as Exec Chef and he seems to operate with precision and passion. Even during the summer, when the livin’s supposed to be easy.
Roka Akor
7299 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ
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