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December 5, 2018

Why and How to Order Sushi for Your Catered Holiday Party

by April

Have you grown tired of serving up the same uninspired dishes at your holiday party?

Do you wish you could cater your event with something light, delicious, and unexpected? This year, ditch the standard meat and potatoes meal for something truly special. Surprise your guests with sushi instead! Not only is sushi an elegant and classy food, but it is also healthier and it will leave your dinner guests feeling less weighed down by heavier foods.
In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about sushi. From etiquette when ordering sushi and the ways in which it will bring your holiday party to the next level, to ingredients and other perks of opting to serve sushi, we are sure to convince you that sushi is the best option for your catered holiday party.

Why You Should Order Sushi for Your Holiday Party

If you have always opted to go with standard catering for your parties, you may think sushi is not an appropriate choice for your event. How do you know people like seafood? What if one of your party guests is allergic to seaweed? The questions are endless.
But, to be fair, there is such a wide array of sushi rolls that everyone is bound to like something on the table. There are vegetarian and vegan options when it comes to sushi, so if you make sure to include sushi rolls that appease dietary restrictions and lifestyles, then there will be an option for everyone. Not all sushi comes wrapped in an outer layer of seaweed, either.
With its exquisite taste, healthy nature, and nutritional benefits, sushi is an unorthodox choice that is sure to impress your guests for the evening. Here are some major reasons why sushi should be on the menu at your next catered event.

Sushi is Full of Fresh Ingredients

When it comes to catered foods, few options are as fresh as sushi. Most companies deliver pre-packaged appetizers. Sometimes caterers prepare foods that were frozen in the freezer for weeks and thawed right before your event. When it comes to sushi, however, catering companies only use the freshest of the fresh.
The ingredients in sushi have very rapid expiration dates. Due to the fresh nature of sushi in general, the main parts of sushi – including cucumbers, avocados, carrots, and seaweed – reinforce the need to use fresh products. Avocados go bad soon after they are cut open, and if cucumbers are not used soon after being sliced, they start to dry up until they ultimately shrivel. You cannot freeze vegetables and defrost them for a later date. Well, technically you could, but they would not react the same when used in a sushi roll.
The ingredients in sushi are heart-healthy, full of vitamins, and stocked with minerals like Omega-3 and vitamin D. Most people do not receive their full daily dose of necessary nutrients either, so sushi could help boost their health while also satiating their hunger. Sushi is not only a delicious food option, but a healthy one, too.

You Get to Use Chopsticks

For those of us who eat most of our meals with utensils such as forks, spoons, and knives, the opportunity to use chopsticks is one that doesn’t present itself very often. Encountering a new experience at an event poses a fun and exciting challenge. Introducing beginner sushi eaters to the art of chopsticks gives them the chance to learn something new. People who’ve been taught how to eat with chopsticks can brush up on their skills a bit as well. From an eating perspective, using chopsticks teaches people to slow down and appreciate their food rather than rushing the process and eating their food too rapidly. Guests will get to revel in the experience that sushi provides while also appreciating every bite.

Sushi Offers Endless Possibilities

From sushi rolls to bowls and burritos, there are options for everyone. As we touched on a little earlier, sushi is also a great choice for parties where you might expect vegetarians and vegans to attend. With such an extensive variety of sushi rolls, bowls, and burritos to choose from, creating a menu that works for people of all diets and preferences is easier than ever. While there are some people in the world who truly do not care for sushi in any form, the chances of your guests being one of them are very slim. With so many variations of sushi, you have the flexibility of offering a selection that is sure to please everyone in attendance.

How to Order Sushi for Your Catered Holiday Party

Have we convinced you to serve sushi at your next catered event? If so, you’re probably wondering how to order sushi in bulk for a party. Don’t worry. We have your back. Here are a few of our tips and tricks for compiling, organizing, and placing an order for sushi at your upcoming event. From holiday parties and birthday celebrations, to office gatherings and business events, sushi is a one size fits all catering option.

Ask Questions

Are you unsure how to order sushi? Don’t be afraid to ask the sushi restaurant any questions that you may have. If you are not sure what the difference is between menu items like sushi rolls versus sushi bowls, feel free to pose the question! Or, if you’re interested in their method of approaching and fulfilling catering orders, ask away. The restaurant will not expect you to know everything, and they will appreciate the respect you have for their way of operating their business, so don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. It’s always better to receive a straight, honest answer than it is to make assumptions and run the risk of being wrong.

Stick with the Fan Favorites

Often times, people are tempted to order flashy rolls with different kinds of fish and flavors because they’re fun. But most sushi chefs frown upon this because these rolls dull down the individual flavors. So, ask the chef what their restaurant does best, and instead of ordering flashy rolls, seek out their specialty rolls that reflect their unique style and flavor.

Order Options for Everyone

As with every situation in life, you cannot please everyone. Someone at your catered event is sure to dislike one thing or another. People are so different that it’s difficult to know if everyone will be satisfied by the menu at your party. However, you can do your best to cater to everyone by offering a vastly diverse menu. Make sure you order plenty of appetizers, ranging from foods like shishito peppers to steamed edamame, in an effort to keep everyone happy. Try not to forget to order a veggie platter for the vegetarians and vegans in attendance as well. At the end of the day, all you can do is try your best.

Plan Accordingly

When it comes to catering, it’s important to know how far in advance to place your order. The restaurant will need time in advance to prepare, and depending on how large your order is, they could require even more time than usual. Most restaurants that cater sushi will require you to place your order within 48-hours of your event and will not be able to deliver your food before noon. If you know you’re going the sushi route, plan accordingly and contact the restaurant in advance so you can avoid this stressful issue.

Ask for an On-Site Sushi Making Chef

If you want to take your event to the next level, you should ask the sushi company you have in mind if they can provide an on-site chef for your party. Having a chef physically there and making sushi right before your guests’ eyes makes for a remarkable, memorable, and unforgettable experience. Even the most skeptical of sushi eaters at your party will be in awe of the sushi chef assembling the rolls in person. This is not a requirement though. If you’re not interested in incorporating an on-site sushi chef, there are other options for you. For example, an in-home sushi making class for team members of a business is a fantastic idea for a company event.

Final Thoughts on Sushi Catering for Your Event

Holiday parties don’t happen everyday, so why not take your event to the next level by providing food that is truly special? Sushi is a delicious, nutritious, and truly fun food option for your party. By understanding how to order sushi so that it arrives in time for your event, you’ll end up serving the absolute best at your party, which is sure to be the best as well. Impress your guests for years to come by serving sushi. For the best experience with a sushi catering company, order from Roka Akor. We’re just excited as you are.