hot sake

March 19, 2012

How to Brew Sake

by Alison

As the staple spirit at Roka Akor, we wanted to teach you a thing or two about how sake is brewed.

Sake Ingredients

Five crucial elements are involved in brewing sake:

  • water
  • rice
  • technical skill
  • yeast
  • land & weather

The technical skill needed to brew sake is dependent on the toji (head brewers), the type of yeast used and the limitations entailed by local land and weather conditions.

Brewing Process

  1. Rice is washed and steam-cooked then mixed with yeast and koji (rice cultivated with a mold known technically as aspergillus oryzae).
  2. The whole mix is then allowed to ferment, with more rice, koji, and water added in three batches over four days. This fermentation, which occurs in a large tank, is called shikomi.
  3. This mash is allowed to sit from 18 to 32 days, after which it is pressed, filtered and blended.

Our Sake Offerings

Roka Akor features a lengthy and eclectic sake menu. Our extensive selection includes:

  • Kire (‘Beautiful-Clean Sake’ Simple, pristine, subtle sake)
  • Aji (‘Flavorful’ Rich sakes that express the richness and flavor of the rice)
  • Kaori (‘Pleasant Aroma’, wine like aromas often floral and or fruity)
  • Asobi (‘Playful Aroma’ Unusual sakes, sparkling, unfiltered or flavored – always fun.

Click here to see the rest of our Sake, Shochu and Cocktail Menu. Come in today to experience the rich flavors of Roka Akor sake.