San Francisco Bar Roka Akor

May 22, 2013

Roka Akor San Francisco behind the scenes

by Alison

Japanese in Jackson Square
About a month ago, we shared news that Roka Akor (801 Montgomery Street) brought on local bar master Daniel Hyatt to oversee their booze program. Sources say he’s been told to do “whatever he wants,” which will translate into lots of whisky cocktails and infused shochu.
Since Roka Akor has outposts in Scottsdale and Chicago, the menu will largely resemble what’s happening elsewhere, but executive chef Roman Petry has a few tricks planned for San Francisco—namely making things a touch less steak-heavy and more seasonal. Just today, Petry spilled the beans on a few dishes he’s planning to add: a hot appetizer of robata-grilled shishito peppers with ponzu and bonito flakes, a robata grilled Japanese grade A5+ Wagyu steak from the Saga Prefecture served with artesian salts, and robata-grilled octopus with white asparagus, cucumber and XO sauce. You can check out the full Chicago menu here, to get an idea how all of this will play out. There are little hot plates, soups, cold plates and grilled meats, but Roka Akor’s sushi program has also received accolades all over the country, so it too will be worth looking into when Roka Akor opens in late June.
The decor a la Arcanum Architecture should be a stunner, complete with a 20-foot Monterey Cypress wood bridge that leads from the new entryway into the subterranean bar. The bridge is wrapped with glass guardrails and light poplar slats on one side, giving a “filtered view” into the main dining room as you walk along it.